Coleslaw !

My version of delicious Coleslaw  ! 

I used to be an exchange student in the US, to be specific, in Alabama.  I ate coleslaw for the first time there and simply loved it. This recipe today is my(in my opinion) improved and fresher version. 

Ingredients for either 2 very hungry guys or 6 people ;):

1 small white cabbage
3  carrots 
1 red onion 
2-3 apples 
3 Spoons of Dijon Mustard
5 Spoons of Mayo 
1 Spoon of sour cream
Zest and juice of 1- 2 lemons depending on your taste

Finely slice  cabbage, apples and onions. For the carrots its easier to just peel the carrots throw away the peel and keep stripping until you get a pile of carrot ribbons. Now add all the other ingredients :). For me it tastes better if you let it rest for like 30 minutes but thats up to you !

I hope you enjoyed my recipe today! 

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