Soba Noodles with Sesame-Ginger Sauce

It’s that time of the year again and I have to start to watch what I am eating. The Christmas holidays are near and the New Year’s Eve dress is already planned. To not look like a small gingerbread man I have to start my annual pre-Christmas Holidays diet. If you know a few good recipes it wont be too hard! Soba noodles are my perfect replacement for my beloved Pasta!

Today I present to you my first super simple soba noodle recipe, the japanese buckwheat noodles are just delicious. The recipe is super fast and can easily be done within 5-10 minutes.

Soba noodles for 2 people
2 El soy sauce
1 Tl sesame oil
1 small chopped spring onion
1 Tl of small chopped ginger
1 tl of brown sugar (optional)
sesame seeds

Chop the ingredients for the sauce, especially the ginger should be cut very finely so later it will be easier to slurp your noodles ;)! Cook the noodles for about 5 minutes. Mix all the ingredients for the sauce together and marinate the soba noodles. Keep some sesame seeds and spring onion on the side for decoration. It wont get easier than this 😉

Here are some facts about soba noodles:

  • they belong to traditional Japanese cuisine
  • slurp, so that taste and smell will be even better
  • they are served cold and warm
  • they are glutenfree
  • they are rich in high-quality nutrients and vital substances
  • they are high in protein

So you can see that these japanese noodles are not only delicious but also healthy! 🙂 You can buy them various Asia shops and in some larger supermarkets.

I hope you liked this post with the mini recipe about Soba noodles! I appreciate all comments! Happy to hear from you!

Also if you liked this post and would like to see more english recipes just send me a message which ones you want to be translated!


Soba Noodles

Soba Nudeln - Florence Stoiber


This post is also available in English!

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