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It’s Valentines day soon! So today I am showing you a couple of tricks how to spice up your dinner drinks with just a tiny bit of effort. My better half is not the biggest fan of days like these but you know I can still celebrate it!  At least on Valentine’s Day I have an excuse to wrap everything in love!

Let’s get down to business now today I will tell you about some tricks for #pinteresty love Drinks. As I said before Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse for me to wrap everything in love, so in my case red and pink, also my drinks (delivered by the Lieferei right to your front door) ! Have I ever mentioned my love for flower petals? Well just freeze them and you will get awesome pretty ice cubes for your romantic dinner. So here the list:

  1. Freeze flower petals with ice cubes.
  2. Freeze pomegranate with ice cubes.
  3. Of course everything should be heart shaped. #kitsch
  4. Color water for ice cubes red.
  5. Pomegranate and flower petals (so much cooler than strawberries) in Champagne and other drinks.
  6. And of course flower petals as decoration for your dinner table.

As you can see there will be a lot of pomegranates and  flower petals on my dinner table!

Another tip for the pomegranate! Simply cut it in half, place on the palm of your hand over a bowl knock on it with a wooden spoon. The seeds will just fall out of the fruit without any pomegranate massacre in the kitchen.

As a special goodie  today I have an awesome 10 € voucher for the Lieferei Shop (valid for orders from € 29.90). Simply enter the coupon code: avocadobanane at the checkout.

I wish you guys lots of love !!! <3




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