Impressions of Portugal

Happy Easter everyone ! 

So I just got back from Portugal! It’s such an interesting country with a big variety of food as well 🙂 here are some impressions i got of the food in Portugal. 

Let’s start with cheese ! They serve this cheese in almost all the resteraunts as a appetizer with some olives and bread! This is defenitely my new favourite cheese ! I hope that I’ll get it in austria 🙂 Their sheep cheese is sooo good and doesn’t taste sheepy at all 🙂 

For the cheese, you’ll probably need some bread too ! And they have some tasty bread ! 

Almost everywhere there is fish on the menu (well duuuh portugal ^^) 

 Now comes the really good stuff ! We went to a resteraunt in Porto called Antunes, they served very traditional food ! That was defenitely my favourite resteraunt on the whole trip 🙂

appetizer samosas and croquettes
 Traditional portuguese pork knuckle 🙂 extremly tasty ! Make sure to visit Antunes when you go to Porto! 

As a dessert we ordered this delicous thing called rabanadas, fried sugared bread ^^ this may not be the healthiest thing but it was heavenly! 

 I’m not sure if this is typical^^ steak grilled on a stone 🙂 It was yummy though 🙂 

 Bifana, something very simplebut a good snack, a sandwich with a pork cutlet made with white wine and garlic !

Let’s get to the sweet stuff !!!

Unfortunately I don’t know what the next to things are called but thet tasted awesome. Both were made with apples I think 🙂 If anybody knows the name of these delicious things please send me a message !!!!! 

But I know the name of this ! Pastel de Nata ! My favourite pastry in Portugal! They have those in taiwan as well (dan ta), now I know where the taiwanese got it from ^^ its an egg tart pastry 🙂 

This was probably one of the best ice creams i ever ate ! @Amorino in Lisbon! If you ever go there you have to have this ice cream! They always make it look like a rose 🙂 So pretty ! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the post today! Recipes are coming again soon!!!! 🙂


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