Spaghetti Bolognese ;)

Ingredients for about 5 poeple:

500g Ground Beef
2-3 Carrots 
1/2 Zuchini
4 big Champignons
2 Onions
8 mid size Tomatoes peeled and deseeded
300g-400g Tomato paste 
A little bit Soy Sauce, Red Wine and Potato Flour for the meat 

The first step is the meat. Add soy sauce red wine and potato flour to it and mix it with ur hands until the meat soaked it all up 😉 

Then put all the veggies except for the tomatoes in a chopper, if you don’t have one just chop them really small like in the picture below. 

Peel the tomatoes and deseed them after chop them, but not as small as the other veggies.

Brown the onions add veggies and meat. After the meat is cooked add tomato paste tomatoes, basil and oregano. If you like it spicy you can add some chili as well :). I always add a tiny bit of chili to recipes with tomatoes 😉 . Now let it cook for about 30 minutes and add some water if it seems to be too dry. 

Yummy first bite ! <3 

And as always some basil on top to make it look nicer 😉 

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