Christmas Speculoos Cheesecakes

The smell of punch and christmas cookies in the street, cold fresh air, and christmas markets. Christmas time is slowly coming back. Some people also prepare themselves in the kitchen for this time of the year. We have prepared ourselves with a lovely speculoos cheesecake recipe. Speculoos are just one of my favorite cookies and always remind me of christmas.



250g Speculoos
70g butter
250 ml cream
350g cream cheese
3 table spoons of powdered sugar
vanilla extract
some lemon zest
some almonds and similar for decorations (i used chocolate hearts and eatable gold dust)

Crush 200g of the speculoos then mix with melted butter, evenly spread into 6 small forms and flatten. Whip cream and put aside. Mix cream cheese, vanilla extract, sugar and lemon zest together. Then carefully fold in whipped cream and the rest of the crumbled speculoos cookies. Then spread on top of the flattened cookies. Cool in fridge for 1-2 hours and decorate as you wish! A delicious treat for everyone!

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