Travel Diary: Portugal

Since I just get all fidgety when I spend too much time in Vienna, I have gone on the next trip! This time with my sister to Portugal. More precisely, Ribamar, where we rented a comfortable hostel (Trip Ericeira) beyond mass tourism.

The hostel is run by Pure Surfcamps. Less than 2 minutes from the hostel there is the house beach where you can surf. I stood on a surfboard one or two times before Portugal, but I finally wanted to learn it properly in order to be able to keep up with my sister at some point.

To go surfing at Praia de Ribeira d’Ilhas takes less than 2 minutes by car from the hostel. The surf lessons were all organized by Pure for me. Every day about 2 hours in ice-cold water.

I have to say that such a jump into the cold sea is the best thing you can do against a hangover ;). Beside BBQs and surf theory there were also yoga classes where you could participate.  Since it was actually my first real hostel trip, I have to say I want more!

My travel tips:

  • Rent a car! Then you are independent from others and can drive around and easily reach other places or beaches. We were in Nazaré (Hot Spot for Big Wave lovers) and Peniche.
  • Don’t plan too much ahead. The waves change every day and sometimes good predictions can just disappear and you have a shallow sea. It’s best to just stay spontaneous!
  • The food. OMG the food was just too good. It’s best to go wherever you can get fresh fish or grilled meat!

Here just a few impressions 🙂

Praia de Ribeira






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