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Last week I was allowed to visit beautiful Vorarlberg with some other bloggers. I went to the Biohotel Schwanen in Bizau, a small, dreamy village in the Bregenzerwald.

During the trip from Bregenz to Bizau I fell in love with the beautiful, inspiring landscape. When I arrived at the hotel, the soothing scent of wood came into my nose, inviting me to relax immediately.

The Biohotel Schwanen is a small family business that was completely renovated by Hermann Kaufmann in 2009 and made into an organic hotel.

The great-great-great grandfather Gallus already laid the foundation stones for today’s hotel when he bought the former inn for his son. Today it has developed into a modern, friendly and above all sustainable place to stay for conscious people.

In the kitchen of Mama Antonia and Franziska Hiller you can order “Wilde Weiber” dishes (wild women), the kitchen is built according to the principle of Hildegard von Bingen.

Under no circumstances should Hildegard cuisine be written off as diet cuisine. For us it is cool, exciting, very individual, regional and seasonal. – Antonia

The cuisine is natural, simple, seasonal and anything but boring. We let ourselves be spoiled for 2 days with the excellent cuisine and were also allowed to taste very interesting wines and beers. You can see more on the photos.

Especially the “Wilde Weiber Menü” tasted good. The special thing about it is the way of eating- everyone gets a different food from the different courses and to be able to try everything you need to share.

Fortunately we were a great blogger team and were very happy to pass each plate through. We ended up trying 22 different dishes, all of which tasted good.

The kitchen in the Biohotel Schwanen is something very special and that to the great joy of my foodblogger heart. Of course there was not only the great, innovative menu but also a classic one. Without having once eaten Käsknöpfle one may not even leave Vorarlberg!

Not only the food is excellent, also the wines we could taste were the perfect companion to every course! According to Gault&Millau, the wine list compiled by Emanuel Mossbrugger is “by far the most exciting and interesting wine list in Western Austria”.

Sadly we could not try the famous Kaiser_innenschmarren. I guess I’ll just have to come back for that.  🙂

The rooms in Biohotel Schwanen

The rooms are reduced to the essentials, no frills on decoration and the like. A really comfortable bed, wardrobe, seating and view of the mountains.

As mentioned before, the room smells of wood and had a calming effect on me, the oak floor and the white fir walls look beautiful. Also the view from the balcony is madness and I couldn’t get enough of it. In the evening I would go outside to look out into the starry night to calm down a little from the urban madness.


2 days in Bizau are actually too little, one could experience many more things.

We have eaten wonderfully in our time there and have learned about the Hildegard of Bingen kitchen, also a bread baking course was amazing to enjoy.

In Bizau there is also directly a small, easy footpath, which is to be mastered also simply with children and offers 5 interactive stations. With our hiking guide Pius, the whole thing was even more interesting and I have definitely become smarter about herbs in nature. Lamas are also included, so definitely a must when visiting Bizau!

The Werkraum – Bregenzerwald was also on our itinerary and is definitely the right place for design enthusiasts to live out their passion!

The Biohotel Schwanen also offers various packages that include many activities, such as “Heroes in Green” where you collect herbs in nature and learn how to use them or a fasting week.

But now I’ve told you enough, if you have any questions about my stay, I’m happy about your comments and messages. Have fun scrolling through my little photo gallery.

My conclusion

During my stay I was especially satisfied with the excellent cuisine. The rooms are clean, spacious, pleasant and simply beautiful!

The bed is a dream, I haven’t slept so well for a long time and our dear hosts have of course also contributed to the fact that the stay became so beautiful. I can recommend this hotel to everybody!

*in friendly cooperation with the Biohotel Schwanen


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