Travel diary: Santorini

Greece isn’t really one of the countries I travel to a lot. Fortunately I was invited to a wonderful wedding in Santorini and was able to expand my travel spectrum! Normally I prefer to go to countries beyond the big pond. This time I travelled with my dear friends Camilla and Isabella.


Kamari is the place we lived in, known for the black beach it lies on and the many cute little restaurants and bars. With a boat taxi you can quickly get to the even longer black beach of Perissa (about 30 minutes by car). Of course, the classic white buildings of Oia and Thira are the more famous corners of Santorini, but if you want to jump into the sea and be right on the beach, Kamari and Perissa are the best places.


I have to admit that this time I did not necessarily travel because of the culinary offer, which is sometimes the case with other trips.

Nevertheless, also in Greece one can fill the bellies with local food in small tavernas and souvlaki stands. BBQ is very important in Greece and of course a good Tzatziki should not be missing!

The offer of fish and seafood is of course big on an island and was not allowed to be missing at my plate. A dish that I had to make friends with first, but that tasted even better after a few glasses of wine were the souvlaki in pita with tzatziki and fries. I mean, who would put chips in their pita?

Yes, the Greeks do it that way.

Not my favorite but definitely a good and cheap Hangover Food!


Oia and Thira

Oia and Thira are the most famous cities in Santorini and also the cities where the most white-blue buildings are. If you are on Santorini, you should definitely go there.


Sunsets, Sea & Diving

Of course we planned our main program around the wedding, but still we could see some of the island which is well known for its sunsets.

Santorini is known for its sunsets, the most famous one is observed by Oia and crowds of people gather there to watch the romantic golden hour together, squeezed into the narrow alleys. Of course we couldn’t miss it and went to Oia to watch the famous sunset.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t as good as we expected and we didn’t see as much as we had imagined.

But the most beautiful sunset can supposedly be watched in Akrotiri at the lighthouse. We experienced another fantastic sunset in Venetsanos Winery where the view is so breathtaking that you don’t want the sun to go down.

We were good and didn’t drink too much. Monday after the wedding weekend we set the alarm a little earlier and went with the boat and diving equipment in somewhat fresher temperatures towards the lava caves.

Passing Red Beach, which is definitely worth an excursion, and White Beach, which you don’t necessarily have to see. The water was cold 19°C and the wetsuit 7mm thick, but we still had to freeze a bit.

The first dive took place on a wall where we didn’t see much except some sponges and a lot of sea grass. The second dive, however, was a bit more exciting. We went into the caves and crevices formed by lava through crystal clear water. This dive is definitely recommendable.

Otherwise we spent most of the time in Kamari on the beach and enjoyed the sun with a glass of rosé.

To finish, there are some extra photos of my trip! Unfortunately I couldn’t take the camera everywhere but I was able to catch some impressions!

Me and the Gang <3

Oia by night


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