Wild Garlic Lemon Butter

It is that time of the year again and there are just endless fields of wild garlic in the woods. Fortunately, we are allowed to go for a walk despite the quarantine. You can easily just start picking a bunch of wild garlic if you feel like it.

What to watch when picking wild garlic

Wild garlic leaves are flat, long, bright green and have a single vein down the middle, and when rubbing them between your fingers there is a strong garlic smell. They have one leave per stem, other poisonous plants like lily of the valley will have more leaves growing out of the same stem. These are just several things to look for but no other similar looking plants have the garlicy smell. So if you want to make sure you got the right one just rub the leave a little between your fingers. Take your time, just see it as the meditative work.

Wild garlic is very versatile. Today I will show you a recipe for a nice and fresh wild garlic and lemon butter that can be used for a variety of dishes. As an alternative to the lemon olive oil I used in the recipe, you can also use regular extra virgin olive oil and add some lemon zest to it.

You can simply spread the butter on a loaf of bread or melt it over a juicy steak. It can also be used for a salad dressing or simply be stirred in pasta and spaetzle. Enjoy!

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Wild Garlic and Lemon Butter

Delicious fresh wild garlic and lemon butter
Servings 3 small glasses


  • 1 handful of wild garlic
  • 100 g butter room temperature
  • 50 ml lemon olive oil or extra virgin olive oil with lemon grates
  • Maldon salt to taste


  • Cut the wild garlic leaves very finely and leave the capsules whole.
  • Mix butter and oil and mix with wild garlic and wild garlic capsules.
  • Finally, carefully stir in the Maldon salt and your butter is ready.
  • Pour into airtight glasses and store in the fridge.

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