On the trail of Nuri Sardines

Press trip in cooperation with Nuri Sardinen.

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At the beginning of June, I was allowed to travel with Nuri Sardinen to their origin. Our trip led us to Portugal in the city of Porto. The city situated at the Douro seems as if it was from another decade and with its ambience and charm has already fascinated many visitor before me.

Unfortunately, we were not lucky with the weather and had to walk through the rain on the first day. But the city also had a completely different flair due to the rain.

At the beginning we had a small city tour with a snack break, Portuguese hot dog with fries and Molho de Francesinha, a delicious sauce that I still have to find out how to imitate (tips are always welcome).

After we had walked a little bit through the city and over the famous Ponte Dom Luís I we headed back to dinner. Fortunately for us there were no tourist traps on our restaurant list but only restaurants that were blessed by locals.

Fish Fixe is the name of the restaurant where almost all of us ordered the Polvo. As starter we had tuna spread and cod croquettes. And of course olives and cheese was never missing.


Visit to Matosinhos – the place where Nuri sardines are processed

On the second day we went to Matosinhos to the place where our favourite sardines are processed, packed and shipped.

A place where the clocks tick differently.

In the street where the factory is located, you can see some dilapidated ruins that can still be recognized as old sardine factories. We stand in front of a building that stands out from the others and here and there the sun shines out, so that we can see it in all its splendour.

Inside, one almost feels as if it were 1920. The azulejos (typical Portuguese tiles) in the entrance hall are conspicuous with a slight retro touch but very fitting.

Through a small window you can still buy sardines directly in the factory. We first went into the office and were allowed to have a close look at everything. Even the cable train is still used to send messages and there is a huge old safe around in which important documents are still stored today.

Rooms full of history and nostalgia. Then we went into the heart of the company, namely into the production halls.

It is loud. Sardines are packed into their cans, there is chat and laughter. The atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant, but you can see that hard work is being done here.

The sardines are carefully adapted to the size of the cans and packed. Even the vegetables are cut and sorted by hand. Nuri still uses real handicraft, which is reflected in the quality.

Shortly before lunch we went to the harbour.

We walk comfortably through the harbour and have a look at the auction hall where the best fish is auctioned every morning. After we all are almost attacked by seagulls, we finally go for lunch to one of the local fish restaurants.

Grilled sardines, octopus, mackerel and other delicacies are being brought to the table. The restaurants in Portugal are a real dream for every foodie.

If you take a closer look and ignore the tourist traps, you can really enjoy yourself. In the evening we were served amazing food in the Taberninha do Manel.

Thus ends an amazing journey. Enjoy the pictures!

Nuri Sardinen

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