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In May my boyfriend and I were invited to the Falkensteiner Hotel Adriana for 3 days. We had time to explore the area and fully enjoy the hotel. The hotel is located in Zadar, a small town in the south of Croatia. It took us about 7 hours to get there by car.

The city convinces with its charm and the venetian architectural style. You should definitely take some time to go to the old town of Zadar. With its cute houses the beautiful long walk by the ocean. Scroll down to find out more.

Hotel Adriana

The Falkensteiner Hotel Adriana is about 10 minutes by car from the city centre. Public transportation into the town is super easy by bus. We were lucky enough to get a parking spot because of low season.

The hotel is located directly by the ocean, it has a beautiful garden and a nice pool, and the best part about the whole thing: prohibited for children! Adult hotel ftw!

Anyone who has ever travelled through Croatia knows that peace and relaxation are not possible everywhere, especially when small bundles of energy run around like crazy, screaming and playing games and all you want is to read your is your Stephen King book, when not even your noise cancelling headphones can help you anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, children are great! But not when I want to relax, enjoy the sunshine and read my book.

The rooms are very cosy and divided into a living room and a bedroom that are separated by a sliding door.

What I especially loved about the rooms is the pillow menu. Just choose your favorite pillow from the menu free of charge via room service. I am very very picky with what I sleep on, so this helped a lot! It’ all in the details!


Although the SPA is not directly at the hotel, it is at the neighbouring Falkensteiner Funimation and all hotel guests are free to go there. They offer a variety of treatments and a nice sauna area. We got a small 20-minute back massage from the hotel, which was a little too short for my taste, but very good. There is nothing more relaxing than a looong nice massage that makes me fall asleep.


Let’s get to the interesting part, the food! We were initially invited to the culinary weeks, unfortunately these weeks were postponed, because a conference that took place at the hotel.

Nevertheless the hotel made an effort and put some wonderful dishes on our plates. What particularly pleased me was the wine selection. We got a fantastic Croatian red wine with our dinner: the Meneghetti Red 2012.  I love wine, but I am really bad at describing wines, so I just let my taste buds decide and I promise you it was really nice. Definitely try it if you can find it somewhere.

The first evening the food at the hotel was a little bit disappointing, we got some dry fried fish, boring sides and just weren’t really happy with it. The following evenings it was much better and we immediately forgot about the first evening. We also had a classic pool snack and of course a bottle of rosé


Zadar is a small Croatian port town located in northern Dalmatia. Unfortunately we had some bad luck with the weather and hardly had any sunshine. Luckily the sunshine that we did have was awesome. People say, Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in Croatia.

But I think all sunsets are beautiful. The best place to enjoy the sunset right on the horizon above the sea is directly at the “Greeting to the Sun”, a monument dedicated to the sun. In the evening, after the sun has set, the monument turns into an illuminated dance floor.

Right next to the monument, you can listen to the sounds of the sea organ. An instrument played by nature. On windy days you can supposedly hear it from miles away. The sound is so nice and meditative, I could have sat there for hours, but we had to leave to get some food ;).

The city is also known for its impressive architecture. Especially the church of St.Donatus. It was built at the beginning of the 9th century and makes it all the more impressive.

You can climb the tower and enjoy the view from above, which unfortunately we did not manage to do, maybe we’ll just do that next time.




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