Lasagne ! ! !

Today I made some lasagne! Maybe not the prettiest food, but defenitely a great one! Well this is how it works:

Ingredients for the Bolognese:
500g Ground Beef
1 big Carrot
1/2 Zuchini
5 big Champignons
1 chopped Onions
2 chopped garlic cloves
5 mid size Tomatoes peeled and deseeded
dried Basil
dried Oregano
100g Tomato paste
A little bit Soy Sauce, Red Wine and Potato Flour for the meat

The first step is the meat. Add soy sauce red wine and potato flour to it and mix it with ur hands until the meat soaked it all up ­čśë
Then put all the veggies except for the tomatoes in a chopper and make them really really small :).
Heat some oil, brown onions and garlic add meat. Fry until the meat is done then add veggies and herbs. Then tomatoepaste. Let it cook for 20 minutes. 

Ingredients for the Bechamel Sauce:
50g Butter
0.9l hot milk
50g flour
some grounded nutmeg
Ingredients for Lasagne:
2 pckg Lasagne Sheets
Grated Parmesan Cheese

Heat the butter add flour then hot milk, nutmeg and salt, stir stir stir, so that there are no clumbs. 

My phantom od the opera butter ^^ can you see it ? 
 First you got to butter your form, then lay out the first layer of Lasagne Sheets. The butter in the picture above is from the bechamel sauce. The form has to be a bit buttery, because its easier to take out the lasagne after. 

Second Step: Put about 1 soup ladle on the layer.  

Then one soup ladle of bolognese and some parmesan cheese. Repeat these 3 steps until the form is full. 

Spread slices of Mozerella evenly and put more parmesan cheese on top.  

This is my baby lasagne ­čśŤ 
 Put in preheated oven at about 190╦ÜC or 200╦ÜC for around 30 minutes. 

Slowly melting awesomness ! 

Yummy ­čÖé 

This small piece of awesomness does actually look quite pretty ­čśë

 This was gone after seconds ! ­čÖé

Well after a couple of minutes it looked like this !

     Something I love to make and everyone loves to eat ­čÖé

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