Stuffed Bell Pepper

Something me and my boyfriend loooove love love to eat ! With some rice and lots of sauce ­čÖé

Ingredients (5 people):

5 big green bell peppers
700g minced beef
1-2 table spoons majoram
1 chopped onion
80g half way cooked rice

1L water
2 beef soup cubes
200g tomato paste
1-2 tablespoons of sugar
1 table spoon of potato flour mixed with some water 

1. Add browned onions, majoram and the 100g half way cooked rice to the meat. Mix it.

2. Cut off the top part of the pepper and deseed them. Then stuff with the meat. 
3. Boil the water add soup cubes, cook for a minute and add the rest of the ingredients. Then the potato flour to make the sauce a bit thicker.

4. Place stuffed peppers lying (so all the excessive liquid out of the pepper will go into the sauce) in the sauce and put in the oven for around 40 minutes at between 


I try to write my recipes as short and understandable as possible, if anything is not clear, please don’t hesistate to write a comment or message me on my facebook page!

Much Love,

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