Cupcake Mood !

Vanilla Hazelnut Cupcakes

Im in such a cupcake mood lately. Well this is another recipe. I kinda messed up the rasberry cream so today the topping consists of chocolate and whipped cream, which is also very good. 

4 Eggs
250g butter
120g Sugar
a bit Vanilla
1 pck Vanilla Sugar
240g flour
either 1 and a half spoons of Baking Powder or Rum
2 table spoons crushed hazelnuts
2 table spoons of grinded Dark Chocolate

Whipped Cream
Whole Hazelnuts

Mix egg yolks, butter, half the sugar, vanilla, vanilla sugar with an electric mixer. Then add flour and baking powder. Continue mixing. 

Beat eggwhite till stiff and add to the mass from before and fold under, do not mix with electric mixer.  

Now add grinded chocolate and nuts and fold under. 

Now put in cupcake forms evenly. Put it in the preheated oven for about 20-25 minutes at 180 ╦Ü C.  

Take out and let them cool down for a bit ­čÖé 

Now melt some chocolate and put a spoon on each cupcake, spread a bit, and put whipped cream on top. 

For the fact that I messed up the first cream and had to work with what was left in the fridge, I think i can be proud of myself ­čśë 

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